Not My Baby

Having kids, I mean, not having kids is a huge issue where I live. I’m pretty sure it’s not unique to Israel, but it’s clearly manifested in the extreme in our culture. Let me open with a confession. My name is Ilanit Shamia and I’m a single, atheist woman, having no special desire to have kids of my own (although, I really like my friend’s kids). I was born in a country whose idealism was based on religion, one that specifically orders people to procreate as much as possible. Yay! Sounds like fun, right? Luckily, I live in Tel Aviv, which is the closet to a liberal, open minded, non-religious city you can get here.  Among my friends, stupid remarks are rarely heard, but from time to time, one has to get out of her ideal bubble, using the bus or the internet, where she faces some annoying, boring reactions.
But, as I said to begin with, I’m quite sure women all over the world are feeling some kind of pressure to bring kids into the world, as it is falsely considered the ultimate realization of femininity. Well, no success here, no femininity crisis on my behalf.

me and not my baby final

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