Health Food (From Hell)

I’m not a fan of life coaching and “Guide To Life” books, but being exposed as a child to Miss Piggy’s Guide To Life certainly left its mark on me. Miss Piggy was a huge celebrity back in the 80’s. I specifically remember her most recommended diet, when, by a simple experiment, she easily proved how a cream cake is far better for your body and soul than an Artichoke. She just used a simple scale to weigh both items and the conclusion was decisive; cream cake is lighter than an artichoke! I was amazed by the simplicity of her argument and decided I’m going to follow her principles. After almost forty years and a simple blood test, I can certainly say that my soul is very pleased, but my body suffers from low levels of iron, hemoglobin, and B12. One might call it anemia. Since I’m not a dramatic person, I will just quietly ask “WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO EAT NOW, QUINOA?!” The sad answer is yes, it is time for some radical changes. Nachos and chips and artificial colors and flavors are out, (barbecue, sour cream & onions, and cheddar; you were true friends), quinoa and whole wheat are in. Sigh. Wish me luck.

me quinoa2

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