Hi, my name is Ilanit Shamia, I’m a Tel Aviv based artist.

For the past (almost) twenty years, my creative work journeys between art and fashion. Photography, illustration, and fabrics are the main tools in my creative arsenal.

I graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (Photography) and some of my artwork is a part of the HAARETZ – Amos Schoken Art Collection

For five years (2005-2010) I wrote a newspaper column, titled “How We Dress,” that focused on (Surprise, surprise) interesting people and their fashionable choices.

I also have my own hand-made T-Shirts label, dedicated to screen-prints based on my photographs and illustration.

From time to time I cooperate with other artists and choreographers, such as Yasmeen Godder, Yossi Berg & Oded Graf, for special projects like costume design and stage accessory design.

Street Style –  An Illustrated Documentary

I started this project (January 2018) by combining two of my biggest passions; photography and drawing – oh, and walking through the city streets looking for interesting moments and people. I have a tendency to stare at people, but what might be seen as a slightly rude behavior is actually pretty funny. My eyes are usually drawn to small details like fabric patterns, a lock of hair blowing softly in the wind or a subtle hand gesture.

I take a lot of photos while traveling through the streets of Tel Aviv (my hometown). I capture what I consider to be a unique moment or person. Since January 2018, I decided to create illustrations based on these photos, using my photographs as a reference and inspiration. For me, street-style documentation is a lab for human culture research. I care about fashion, but I care even more about the various ways people are using clothing, accessories, and their own bodies as a tool for self-definition and how it’s manifested in a society, as well as how it reflects the differences and similarities between different cultural groups.
As a Tel Aviv-based artist and a city mouse, Tel Aviv is my first stop in (hopefully) a long journey to create a worldwide, illustrated street-style encyclopedia. I do believe we can use street-style as a learning tool for contemporary city culture.

לפרוייקטים מעניינים, מסחריים או פרטיים, כמו גם להזמנת פורטרטים משפחתיים או אישיים, אנא שלחו לי הודעה


If you have an interesting project proposal, commercial or a personal one or any other question, please send me an email to ilanitshamia@gmail.com

If you would like to order a family or a personal portrait inspired by one of your personal photos, please send me an email to ilanitshamia@gmail



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