The Invention of Sabich Smoothie

The invention of sabich


It turns out that I’m a teeth grinder so my teeth have a high risk of breaking under pressure. I named some of my teeth according to the vacation I could have taken with the money I spent on the dentist. New York (dental implant) is the leading one, followed by Paris, Berlin, and London, each hidden carefully in three of my dental fillings. Obviously, some snacks are out of the question for me, but as I have recently discovered, chewing gum is blacklisted too.

And then it hit me, if it goes on like this, in a few years time I’ll be almost toothless, lacking the possibility of eating Sabich, which happens to be my favorite street food in the whole world. OH NO!

So I had to come up with a brilliant solution, and I did just that. Ladies and gentlemen… I give you, the invention of the SABICH SMOOTHIE!

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