What Are We Looking For? #2 Father’s Day

Illustration project inspired by Google Trends.

Last weeks’s (31-27/2020) top searches: Father’s Day and Happy Father’s Day with over 3M searches.

First, let’s talk about money.

How much money is spent on Father’s Day? Less than Mother’s Day, but still a lot

For example, just a few days ago, the US, consumers were expected to spend $ 17 billion collectively (vs. $25 M for mother’s day), $1 billion more than last year (don’t forget we’re in the middle of a global pandemic), and Canadians were expected to spend $1.5 billion. In 2019, the UK consumers where expected to spend around £635 M.

What are we looking for?

I decided to checkout Google Images for both Father’s and Mother’s Day, and I was truly amazed by the differences. Reminder, this is 2020, not the 70’s.

When searching for Mother’s Day, I was offered a romantic world full with pinkish and flowery options (I refer to the top results, most of the results are greeting cards, both cases), with one phrase that stands out “Happy Mothers Day”, so simple – so generic, but when I searched Father’s day, I got a wider range of color pallette, designs, styles, fonts, phrases, and superlatives like Super Hero and hero’s in general.

For example:

You can see more examples here and here, and in the hope that 2021 will bring some fresh voices and action towards equality, I found this interview about the changing definition of “dad”.




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